• Sebastiano Vassellatti (Darkshenron) has joined the vBulletin QA team

    I am very pleased to announce that Sebastiano Vassellatti has joined the vBulletin Quality Assurance team.

    Sebastiano (aka Darkshenron) is a university student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He has several years of experience administering vBulletin boards. As an Advanced Bugscrubber on vBulletin.com, he has been invaluable in helping verify user-reported issues, assisting QA with various testing activities, and assisting other license holders with questions regarding vBulletin or the vBulletin issue tracker. He currently resides in Milan, Italy.

    Please join me in welcoming Sebastiano to the vBulletin Team.

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      Era da molto che non mi collegavo per questioni personali, ma per fare i complimenti a Darkshenron non potevo mancare

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